Understanding How The Instagram Algorithm Works Can Elevate Your Online Presence


As Instagram's audience is increasing, so is its news feed crowd. It's no wonder why 70 percent of content is missed in a users feed on Instagram. In 2016, Instagram made a change to its algorithm that signals to change the order of posts according to what the user would care to see. So, how does it exactly work? Here's how!


1. Timeliness

Although Instagram posts may not be in chronological order anymore, the algorithm still takes into account that people still want to see fresh, new posts every time they open the Instagram app.

What this means for business: Not all users will see your post right away, but it is still highly recommended to post at the right time to maximize engagement. Regardless, quality content will always take the lead.


2. Engagement

Instagram likes to show off posts that have large amounts of engagement, so the Instagram algorithm boosts posts that acquire more likes and comments. Since comments take more effort, they are weighted more. This means that the more comments, the more likely your post will show up at the top of users’ feeds.

What this means for businesses: Look at your brand's insights and figure out when the best time to post on Instagram is. Then, post consistently that will encourage followers to interact with your posts.


3. Relationships

Instagram analyzes how often you tend to engage with other users posts over time. If you like and comment on their posts, you will see more of them on your feed. This ensures that you see the content from the people you have close relationships with. 

What this means for your business: it is crucial to develop relationships with your followers. Consistent engagement is evaluated more than sporadic engagement. So, know what your followers want to see and will engage with.

4. Profile Searches And Direct Shares

Searching for an account on Instagram sends a clear signal that you are interested in their content. Also, sharing someone’s post with one of your followers through direct messages indicates that you showed interest in that specific post, even if you did not publicly like or comment on the post. Both of these actions metaphorically tell Instagram that you will want to see other posts that are similar.

What this means for your business: Even though direct messages can only be seen between the people have the conversation, Instagram is monitoring them in the background. This is motivation to create content that others will want to share. In order to maximize the impact of profile searches, make sure to make your profile easy to find.

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Maegan Buzzella