Optimize Your Twitter Bio To Boost Your Following

Setting up a Twitter account is very straightforward, but there is a downside to quickly throwing information together to create a profile. The bio section of a Twitter profile plays an important role in securing followers. By overlooking this critical step, you may lose out on attracting a larger audience, which could result in a loss of potential income. Don’t make this mistake! We have some great tips that will encourage other Twitter users to follow your company.

Capture your audience’s attention. Sure, you’re limited to 160 characters, but that doesn’t mean your bio should put your readers to sleep. Find a way to immediately pique interest, but hold out just enough information to make potential followers want to learn more. This is a great place to insert humor.

Explain what you do? Unless you’re an internationally recognizable company, you should be including information about what your business does. We know that we previously suggested holding out on some info to keep your audience intrigued, but this isn’t where you want to be secretive. If a viewer has to look you up online, you’re withholding too much vital information.

Make yourself clickable. Having 1 million followers is great, but wouldn’t it be even better to have 1 million new customers? Tell your viewers why they should click your link to check out all of the exciting products on your website.


Help a sister out. Promote your sister company by giving them a shout out in your bio. Twitter handles are active links that will direct an audience to another profile when clicked on.

Promote branded hashtags. Your creative team worked together to craft a catchy hashtag, so get your audience onboard by including it in your bio.

Include keywords. Make yourself easy to find on Twitter by including relevant keywords that will guide users to your profile when searching for content related to your industry.

Forget about buzzwords. Be unique and avoid overusing buzzwords in an effort to capture an audience’s attention.  Your sentence may sound really cool to you, but for viewers who scroll through profile after profile, it’s all hyperbole.

Let’s see what you can do with the 160-character limit now. We’re confident you’ll create your best bio yet!

E'vone StarksTwitter, Tips