What Snapchat's Latest Feature Means To Social Media Advertising

There’s a battle of the social media platforms happening right before us and each one is trying to out-do the other with a  new and innovative feature that sets them apart in the competition, including Snapchat. After their recent purchase of Zenly, an app that allows for precise GPS mapping, for a whopping $350 million, SnapChat rolled out their latest feature, Snap Map.

Snap Map allows you to easily meet up with your friends in real life by sharing your location that then appears to friends in a map and send updates. A little more private? Use can Ghost Mode to hide your location.

As the Snap Map feature becomes more and more popular, big brands and companies will be able to compete for ad space on the map. The new map feature is a great tool for event promotion as concerts, food festivals and restaurants are using the tool to advertise. The Snap Map feature is also another great way for Snapchat to gain revenue through the use of social media marketing and comes on the heels of their new self-serve ad platform.

Check out more features in the video below!

Emy Ray