4 Reasons Why a Video Goes Viral


It seems as thought everyone wants to be famous these days. Whether it be a comedian, actress, or YouTube sensation, the desire to live in the limelight is #real in 2018. Thanks to modern day technology, the Web has made that idea possible for just about anyone. All it takes is one creative idea that could make you memorable overnight.

Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, but only a small percentage ever goes viral or becomes a significant moment in pop culture. So how does a video go viral? All with the help of four things. 


Here Are 4 Reasons Why A Video Goes Viral:

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the large-following tastemakers who have the ability to introduce new and interesting things that draw in a larger audience. It is the endless cycle of retweeting and posting that allows the context to reach the eyes of many.

2. Unexpectedness

Since so many videos are posted each day, a change in routine is a surefire way to grab the audience's attention. When anything violates our predictions, our brains tend to pay more attention.

3. Community Participation

Once a video has gained attention, viewers will create their own versions of it. This allows for the audience to feed off the big inside joke created, furthermore bringing more attention to the original product. Community participation is how we become involved in the phenomenon, either by sharing it or recreating it.  

4. Emotion

In a world obsessed with effectiveness, obligations, and prosody, people look for the opportunities to connect with their humanity.



Maegan Buzzella