How Big Name Brands Are Using The New Instagram Feature

Instagram recently launched a new feature that allows users to create miniature photo albums and post the content to their profiles. Instead of scrolling down a page and looking through an eclectic mix of photographs, the album feature can be utilized to show a day’s worth of images (a maximum of ten pictures/images) or an array of tasty dishes from your favorite brunch spot.

Businesses have quickly gotten onboard with this new addition and have been using the feature to engage with their followers. Many agree that the albums are an easy opportunity to post more images without flooding user’s newsfeeds. Now companies can reduce the number of times they post on their page without sacrificing the amount of content that they share. They’re also using the feature in a creative storytelling way.

Benefit Cosmetics, for example, announced three new products last week and used the album feature to unveil their goodies. The album began with an image of a model followed by two images of their new brow pencil. The story showed that envy-worthy brows, like the model’s in the first image, could be achieved by using their new product—an easy, if you want to look like this, use this product, guide.

Even with the ten-picture/video allowance, not everyone is using the feature to its capacity. The addition is so new that companies are still learning how to grab their followers’ attention and keep them engaged.
Creating an Instagram album is free for everyone and totally worth exploring. What creative story can you devise with this new feature?

E'vone Starks