Meet The Founder and Head Of Social Media Strategy, Genevieve Lopez


If there’s one thing you should know about our Founder and Head of Social Media Strategy, Genevieve Lopez, is that she’s as passionate as you get when it comes to all things social. Throughout her academic career, her advisors encouraged her go into social sciences, because she had “that connection” with people. But her desire in understanding social intelligence in the digital space was undeniable.

Genevieve went on to work in digital media, growth hacking business' social media channels by millions in record time and with little resources. Social Vida was developed five years later, after identifying the struggles businesses had keeping up with the rapid social media trends.

Today, as the visionary behind the company that has since become recognized as one of the Top New Digital Agencies in The USA, Genevieve leads a team of creatives to take business’ social media to competitive heights.

We sat down with Genevieve to discuss her ideas, passions, and processes on all things social media.


SV: What encouraged you to create Social Vida?

G: I’ve always had a fascination with the development, structure, and functioning of human society, especially how it translates in the digital space. After working in marketing for 7 years, it became apparent to me the lack of understanding people had with the latest digital tools that were accessible to them. Social Vida was developed with your typical business owner in mind, one who prefers to focus on growing their business, while leaving the "tech"nical difficulties up to another professional.

SV: What makes Social Vida different from other digital agencies?

G: Social Vida is everything I strive to be- effective and inclusive. We don’t specialize in any one industry because no one industry is more important than the other. Our clients range from social  media influencers who create live events for small business owners to AI enterprises who create biometrics systems for the advancement of healthcare technology. Each business is in demand for social media marketing, and should be equipped with a smart, effective tools to make them competitive in the digital space. We provide them those essential tools.  

SV: Why is it so important for businesses to utilize social media in their marketing strategy?

G: We need to stop looking at social media as an option and rather a necessity. Social media is mirroring our wants and needs as a human race. As we start demanding more in our daily lives- an easier way to exchange goods and services (digital currency), a more efficient way to travel (on-demand drivers), a more effective way to communicate with one another (mobile phones)- we can see those expectation trends translate in the digital space.

It’s safe to say this billion-dollar industry isn’t going anywhere, so businesses need to adapt to these inevitable changes by creating a strong, valuable social media presence.

SV: If there was one thing about social media that a business could focus on, what would it be?

G: There should never be a compromise when it comes to your most important marketing tool. However, I can never stress enough how important good content makes for great business. Great business is all about community, and building an authentic community on social media requires quality content that delivers value. Create valuable content, engage with your audience, and if the conversation isn’t there, initiate it.

SV: Where does a business start when planning a smart social media strategy?

G: Always have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening behind the scenes of your social media. Dive deep and conduct social media audits on a regular basis. From your data, you can understand what’s working, what isn’t, and create a solid foundation of what your execution plan needs to be.

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Social Vida is a social media marketing agency headquartered in sunny San Diego, California. Our clients range from small business to established enterprise. Contact us for a free social media audit! 

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