These Are The Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Aren't Buying

Instagram is a great resource for companies looking to build their brand and increase their exposure, but the social media platform can also be used to help bring in revenue. If your business’ presence on Instagram isn’t resulting in more sales, you’re not using the site correctly. Here’s a list of mistakes that you may be making.

You’re too pushy/not pushy enough. If your Instagram page is flooded with promotional material, your followers will start to look the other way. If you avoid marketing all together, you will miss out on potential sales. Like most things, it’s all about balance. Try posting three pieces of content that your audience will enjoy followed by one promotional deal.

Improperly utilizing links. Instagram only affords you one clickable link in your bio, so you want to ensure you’re directing followers to the right place. Using your homepage is an option, but it forces users to navigate your site on their own. Be strategic about where you send potential customers and add a brief explanation about what you’re linking people to.



Your website is not mobile friendly. It is essential that your website function properly on mobile devices. Instagram users access the app on their phones or tablets. If they click the link to purchase the product that you’ve advertised, the entire checkout process should be seamless. Be sure to test this feature.

You're not posting the right content. If you’re unsure of the answer to this question, it means that you’re not tracking what you post. Knowing the stats about the content you share will help you make intelligent decisions in the future about what your audience wants to see from you and more importantly, it will show you where you can make improvements.

You have no social media strategy. It’s important to have a clear plan about how you will handle social media content. Customers often need to be warmed up before they make a sale. Having a plan in place allows this to happen.

Not all social media platforms are alike. Each should be handled differently. Instagram should primarily be used to broaden your brand and in doing so, it should help you acquire new followers.

You don’t embrace change. Instagram is constantly adding new features and businesses should take advantage of these changes and incorporate them into their posts. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities to try new creative outlets.