INFOGRAPHIC: The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags were originally introduced on Twitter and have now quickly gained popularity amongst other social channels, including Instagram and Facebook, as a way to reach a greater community beyond your existing following. Hashtags, if used correctly, not only categorize your content, they make it easy for your content to be discovered and can boost your engagement.

There are two types of hashtags: Branded hashtags, which are created specifically to promote your campaign, and Community hashtags, which are general and widely used. The ideal hashtag strategy is the use of both branded and community hashtags. However, to be the most effective with your hashtags, it's essential you're optimizing your hashtags strategy by using them correctly.

We're sharing with you hashtag etiquette with this simple Do's and Don't chart so that you can make the most of your hashtag strategy!

Genevieve Lopez