Get More Twitter Followers With These Easy Tips



When it comes to creating a successful Twitter strategy for your business, developing a blueprint for an increase in followers is crucial. More importantly, it's gaining the right followers- people who are actually relevant to expanding your business- that matter most to your business growth. After all, hundreds of followers are useless if only a few of them are engaging with your Tweets regularly.

Gaining a large number of new followers does not happen overnight, but with patience, commitment, and a smart strategy, your Twitter could boom. Below are some tips that could help your business attract and gain more loyal Twitter followers.


Increase the Visibility of Your Twitter

If you want to increase your amount of Twitter followers, the easiest solution is to make your Twitter profile more available to people. Here are a few suggestions for enhancing your Twitter profiles visibility to the public.  

1. Complete Your Twitter Profile

When potential followers come across your Twitter profile, a complete profile can guide them into clicking the “follow” button. Having a complete Twitter profile allows you to communicate and show the world what you do, which is a necessity when wanting more followers. A complete profile includes:

  • Name: Make sure your Twitter @username reflects your brand the right way.

  • Bio: Describe your business. You only have 160 characters, so make it count.

  • Location: Let people know where your business is.

  • Website: Link to your Blog or Website

  • Profile picture:  The profile picture you choose will be seen with every Tweet you send, so make sure it is sized properly and potential followers can clearly your brand image.

  • Header image: This is the large photo that sits are the top of your profile. Since it is so stretched out, make sure it is sized properly to decrease the chance of being viewed as unprofessional.

  • Pinned Tweet:  This is the first tweet that people see when visiting your profile, so pinning a current project or most popular Tweet could help attract new followers.

 2. Link Accounts

By cross-promoting your profile on other forms of social media, this makes it easier for your audience to find your Twitter account. This can be done by embedding your Tweet in a blog post or posting about a new Tweet on a different social media account.

3. Tweet About Live Events

Updating your Twitter on real-time events will attract followers because they will see that you are being active. Ultimately, they are following you to tack keep up with your business and stay in the loop.


Post Engaging Tweets That Get Attention

Twitter is fast moving, meaning people scroll past content at a quick rate. Your Tweets need to be attention-grabbing, so your content will be shared and talked about, which could potentially gain you more Twitter followers. Here are a few tips on how to write engaging Tweets.

1. Content Strategy

Make sure you have knowledge on what your audience finds entertaining so you can add value to their feeds. Share and post content that is interesting, but still relevant to your business. Ask yourself how you can improve their lives? Now take that idea to Tweet with value.

2. Images

Posting Tweets with images is a great way to stand out in someone's feed, allowing for more engagement. When there is more engagement, there is a higher chance of other Twitter users coming across your Tweets, which attracts new followers.

3. #Hashtags

Hashtags highlight keywords in a Tweet that makes it easier for users to search a specific topic. The use of hashtags is highly recommended because people can find your account through your Tweets.


Increase Twitter Engagement

Engaging with people is crucial when wanting to promote your business through Twitter because this will help build a Twitter community. Here are three ways of increasing your Twitter engagement

1. Follow People

If one of your main goals is to gain more Twitter followers, then follow people you think would be interested in what your business does. Many people will hit you with a follow back if your profile clearly states what you’re about.

2. Reply To People

This allows for your audience to know that your account is active and alive, which may make people want to follow your account.

3. Participate in Twitter Threads

Involving your business in Twitter threads or chats opens the window for conversation and visibility of your account. Not only does this help gain more followers, but it allows for the possibility of feedback for your business that can help build stronger connections.


Maegan Buzzella