Facebook's Paid Grieve Leave Will Make You Love Them Even More

Grief is a tragic experience that everyone will encounter; yet society often sweeps the feelings associated with loss under the rug. Losing a loved one is catastrophic and there is no way to determine how long a person may mourn. We’re expected to “be strong” for the children’s sake or to make others feel comfortable around us while we mourn, but grief shouldn’t be pushed aside. It should be confronted, which is why Facebook is expanding their paid leave policy for bereavement.

Startup companies tend to be the most generous about giving their employees time off to adjust to changes in their lives. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg acknowledged how beneficial the time off following the birth of her child was as well as the time that she was given to mourn the death of her husband.

While many companies offer three days for bereavement, Facebook is giving their staff twenty days of paid leave after the loss of an immediate family member and ten days of paid leave following the loss of an extended family member. They’re also giving their employees six week of paid time off to care for a loved one who is seriously ill. The key word to focus on here is PAID!

Employees dedicate a ton of their time to their jobs. It’s amazing to see a company show its appreciation for its staff  by providing them with such awesome benefits.

E'vone Starks