Run A Successful Contest On Facebook With These Essential Tips

It’s an understatement of epic proportions to say there’s a ton of activity on Facebook every day. With 2 billion users and 70 million businesses on the social media platform today, it’s no wonder why so many brands struggle with getting ahead.

There are countless of ways to market your brand on Facebook, including Facebook Advertising and content boosting, but one of the best ways to stay in the lead amongst your online competition is through quality content marketing-- more specifically, content marketing that not only offers value to your audience, but also some incentive.

Facebook contests are an effective way for brands to support your business goals, whether it be growing your following or generating leads. 81% of content marketers agree that interactive content, including polls, contests and quizzes, gets the attention of readers more effectively than static content, according to a poll conducted by Content Marketing Institute and ion interactive. That’s why more than half of content marketers are using Facebook contests as a component of their Facebook marketing strategy.

Get started with Facebook contests today with these essential tips!


Tip #1: Set Goals

Like any social media strategy, it’s best have clear goals before initiating any contest. To ensure your contest is designed to produce accurate results, ask yourself what you want most out of this contest. Your content strategy will differ depending on your goals.


Tip #2: Keep it Simple

Remember that less is more, so be sure to make your contest as simple to digest as possible. A simple entry process allows for greater participation, and since the majority of users are on mobile, a few clicks or taps will ultimately drive more business towards your goal. Additionally, keep your rules simple and easy to find.


Tip #3: Offer a Prize

Your offered prize will vary depending on your contest goals. If your goal is to increase engagement, your prize should appeal to a wide-range audience. If your goal is to generate qualified leads, your prize should appeal to your specific customer. Although some contests may not offer a tangible prize, photo recognition is extremely valuable in the world of social media.


Tip #4: Target your Audience

With Facebook’s extensive targeting options, it’s easy to show your contest to the right person. Target your contest post to relevant people who are interested in your content to ensure the best outcome for your business goals.


Tip #5: Leverage your Social Channels

Reach as many people as possible by cross-channel promoting. Utilize Twitter to provide contest updates and Instagram to visually showcase your prize. Avoid extensive promotion by changing up your content for each social channel.


Tip #6: Measure Performance

Numbers speak louder than words, so track your ROI to see what’s working and what isn’t. Reflect back on your goals you set when launching your contest and analyze your performance. Facebook contests can produce many different results so be flexible on your outcome. Through ongoing testing and refinement, you’ll quickly discover what works best for your brand.

Genevieve Lopez