Facebook Messenger Is Giving Snapchat A Run For Their Multi-Billion Dollar Evaluation

It’s Snapchat’s turn to play ball with the big boys, but this might be a competition that the tech company can’t win. The popular photo-disappearing app was recently popping bottles to celebrate taking their company becoming public, but they may want to chill out on the Champagne toasts, because Facebook is about to give them a run for their multibillion-dollar evaluation.

It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook was eager to get their hands on Snapchat. They offered to buy the company for millions of dollars, but were kindly told, “No, thanks.” Naturally, Facebook’s engineering team got to work and developed their own version of the addictive, here today, gone tomorrow, disappearing images. The feature is called Messenger Day and it can be accessed in Facebook Messenger, a Facebook feature of over 1.2 billion users.

It works similarly to Snapchat’s app. Time-sensitive photos or videos can be uploaded and shared with anyone on your friend’s list—nothing new here. To make their version stand out, Facebook allows viewers to interact with the content—think clicking the “like” button or replying with the “smiling face with heart-shaped eyes” emoji.

Only time will tell if Shapchat could keep up with the new changes Facebook is throwing their way. 

Want to give this feature a try? Follow the steps below:

1) Open your Facebook Messenger app

2) Take a photo or video by tapping the Add to Your Day button in the top-left corner. You can take a picture or video utilizing the in-app camera, create a text-only image or upload an existing photo or video from your Camera Roll

3) After you decide on your image or video, add filters, text and emojis. Like Snapchat, you can also doodle directly on the image.

4) Click the arrow in the bottom right corner to create the Messenger Day story

5) If you want to share your picture on your ‘Day,’ tap the right circle next to where it says My Day. If you want to send your photo to a smaller audience, tap the gear icon to the left. From there you can choose a pre-selected group to share your story with or show it to everyone except specific users. Once you’ve determined the appropriate audience, tap Done.

6) Lastly, tap Send to publish.