Key Strategies To Write Clickable Content

If there’s one thing we hate more than anything else, it’s clickbait content. It’s misleading, annoying, and to be honest, gets us every time. At Social Vida, we are firm believers in creating good content that our audience loves and trusts.

So how does one create trustworthy content that is both clickable and shareable? For starters, avoid headlines that scream desperation: You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next! Instead, focus on crafting quality social media content that provides clear value and compels readers to click through to your website to further engage with your brand.

Here are a few key ways to write clickable content:

Speak To Your Audience

The simple technique of using second person in your blog, “you” and “your,” immediately makes your writing more accessible. Making your content personal gets readers invested in your message right from the start.

Build Curiosity

Unless you’re a cat, don’t fear engaging in curiosity. Asking a question is a great way to arouse readers’ curiosity, but be sure to avoid anything that sounds too click-baity. Citing a surprising fact or any other feature that goes against a reader’s expectation also builds curiosity and eventually leads to a solid click.

Use Simple Language

No one reads anymore is not just a saying your mother recites. Studies have proven it true, because, well, ain’t nobody got time for that. What online readers do instead is scan.  Using clear, simple language is the best way to catch followers’ attention long enough to encourage them to click through to read more.

Provide Clear Value

Why should anyone click on your content unless it provides them some kind of value? Before posting any content, make sure your content answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” from the reader’s perspective. Offering new information or some kind of benefit to the reader will not only boost your click-through-rate, but build you a loyal, trusting following.