The Why, What, and How of Instagram Ads Every Business Should Know

There’s an entire generation viewing the world through a Valencia-filtered screen, and if you’re not harnessing the power of this top leading social media platform, you may be missing out on elevating your Instagram presence. 55% of all 18- to 29-year-olds in the United States are using Instagram, according to a Pew Research study, and that rate isn’t slowing down anytime soon.   

What started off as a picture-sharing platform has now evolved into an advertising base for businesses of all sizes. Instagram Ads have become the go-to approach for startups and enterprises alike to achieve their marketing goals.  From driving mass awareness to selling a new product, Instagram offers an abundance of possibilities to power social performance and more importantly, tell a story.  


Why advertise on Instagram. 

Instagram ads have proven to be effective for generating new business, and their compelling case studies demonstrate just how effective their ad features can be. Lays, the potato chip empire, launched a video series to encourage users to vote for their favorite chip flavor. The goal? To drive in-store sales. After the 8-week campaign, Lay’s saw a 5% increase in reach, a 3% love cost per impression, and a 5% increase in sales. 

In 2016, Forrester reviewed how the top 50 global brands market on social media. The market research company found that the average number of Instagram followers for a top brand is over 1 million, five times higher than the year before. Today, 80% of Instagram users follow a business. That business could be you.


What types of Instagram Ads work best for you.

Instagram Photo Ads

Instagram photo ads tell a story though visually engaging imagery. Businesses use this type of ad to market to a broad or targeted audience in order to boost impression rates. This ad is simple, clean, and allows for creativity..

Instagram Video Ads

Instagram video ads are videos that hook an audience in a short timeframe- 60 seconds to be exact. Businesses use this type of ad to power sight, sound, and motion of their brand. This type of ad creates a visually immersive experience for Instagram users.

Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram carousel ads allow for multiple images at once with the swipe of a finger. Businesses use this type of ad to provide layers of depth to their campaign. This ad is descriptive and interactive for the user.

Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram stories ads are full-screen ads that appear in stories’ feed. Businesses use this type of ad to manage who sees the ad and how often. Plus, businesses are able to monitor its performance via Stories insight. This ad makes users feel like they’re a part of the ad in real-time.


How to advertise on Instagram.

You can advertise on Instagram in various ways depending on what works best for your business, including using social tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social. You can also hire a professional social media team to manage your Instagram Advertising, like Social Vida. Or, you can directly create, manage and monitor your ads directly on Facebook using the Facebook Ads manager. Before choosing what option works best for you, be sure to know these general 5 ground rules to get the most out of your Instagram Marketing.

  1. Know your targeted audience
  2. Be captivating with your content
  3. Use at least one hashtag for optimization
  4. Be consistent in your delivery
  5. Learn from the best (and even your competitors)

Happy ‘Gramming!

Genevieve Lopez