How To Stand Out On Social Media Despite The Decline Of Organic Reach



You may have noticed a change on social media. Your posts aren’t reaching as many people as they used to. Organic reach is in decline and it’s changing the way businesses use social media.

Facebook’s organic reach declined by over 50% in 2016, signifying the importance of understanding algorithms and best practices. Your once effective social media strategy is no longer working in your favor and it’s time for a major change if you want to stay in the social media game.


Here are 4 ways to deal with the decline in organic reach.


1. Create unique content for each platform.

Users are consuming media in the same place they’re networking, so it makes sense to deliver content to them directly on their favorite online communities. This is called a distributed content strategy, where rather than driving visitors to your landing page, create content that allows users to stay on the platform. Ensure each content is unique and offers immediate value.


2. Get the community involved

Social media is about being social. As much as marketing may seem like shining the spotlight on you, get comfortable sharing other user’s content. So long as the content is relevant to your brand and marketing goals, other user’s content allows opportunity to drive their traffic to your pages and of course, positions you as a thought leader in your community.


3. Stay on top of algorithm changes

The second you log into your social account, your every move is being monitored and noted. Each social media platform uses an algorithm, which is designed to deliver the most relevant content to each individual user. For example, there are as many as 100,000 factors that influence the Facebook algorithm alone, one of which being preference to post from family and friends. Your best bet is to study each algorithm and understand


4. Budget an Ad spend

Social media ads, sponsored content, and boosted posts are the best ways to reach your audience in the oversaturated noisy digital world. With advertising, brands can get target specific audiences, reach more users, and get higher conversions. Fortunately, performance advertising is extremely cost effective for businesses, at least for the moment.


As organic reach declines, that doesn’t mean your social ROI has to. Talk with one of our social media specialist to learn how you can elevate your brand on the world wide web, regardless of the every change world of social media.

Genevieve Lopez